PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATED, DISCREET AND CONFIDENTIAL:  GY Investigations & Legal Services, has provided investigative services to   municipalities, government offices, prisons, police departments, cities, county offices,   hospitals, schools districts.

    SURVEILLANCE INVESTIGATIONS: GY Investigations and Legal Services conducts discreet, covert and confidential investigations.

  • Clients Testimonials
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Gregory Yancey and GY Investigations and Legal Services since 1993. As the Director of Risk Management, I have found their services to be extremely professional and driven by a goal of obtaining successful results in a cost-effective manner. They are expertly knowledgeable, insightful and prompt in their work product. Because of this, I have always received favorable results.

    I cannot express how much confidence I have in their work they do for me. Their 24-hour service has been invaluable to our company. I would not hesite to continue to retain GY Inestigations and Legal Services and assign my difficult cases them.

    Joanne Haworth

  • I am a deputy district attorney for the County of Monterey. As a Deputy district attorney, I have
    become acquainted with Mr. Greg Yancey as a private investigator. Mr. Yancey's office,
    GY investigations, specializes in the investigations of Workers' Compensation fraud.
    Most of his clients are insurance carriers defending against fraudulent claims. Over the past
    several years, Mr. Yancey has submitted numerous Workers' Compensation cases on behalf of his clients to the Monterey County District Attorney's Office for prosecution. Mr. Yancey has been particularly sensitive to the confidential nature of criminal cases and his thorough investigation and professionalism has led to the successful prosecution of many cases, and has provided both inculpatory as well as exculpatory information to the prosecution.

    Kenneth M. Doo

  • On 2 May 1986 Correctional office Yancey was assigned as a G-Wing Housing Officer, second Watch. Officer Yancey discovered a significant malfunction in the locking bar device in G-wing. Due to officer Yancey's Keen awareness and attentiveness to security and custody procedures, a report was made immediately to his supervisors
    about the malfunction.

    Officer Yancey's report caused an extensive inspection to be completed of the locking bar device, and as a result, this inspection revealed a major malfunction in the ability of the device to correctly secure the Folger Adams lock.

    The discovery by officer Yancey revealed a major security breach in the ability of the Custody Staff to properly affect the locking of many of the cells in G-Wing on the second and third tiers. This security breach was serious enough to have developed into a major problem and presented a potentially dangerous situation to both staff and inmates.

    A subsequent report to the Administrative Staff cause immediate repairs to be completed in G-Wing. Correction officer G.J. Yancey's keen Correctional awareness and attention to custody and security procedures eliminated a potentially dangerous
    treat to Staff and inmates on the central Mainline.

    I am commending Correctional officer G.J. Yancey for his efforts and dedication to his job in helping to eliminate a potentially dangerous situation and maintaining a secure and safe housing unity environment in G-Wing.

    A jo well done, Correctional officer Yancey; Keep up the good work.

    Correctional Training Facility - Soledad - 93960