• Security Consulting Services

  • GY Investigations and Legal Services, offers security consulting services. Mr. Yancey, is a Vietnam Era Veteran, a retired peace officer for the State of California, the past Administrator of the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority. Mr. Yancey, background in investigations began in the United States Army and continued with his career at the California Department of Corrections. Mr. Yancey, was commended for identifying breaches in security and counterfeiters of United States currency. Mr. Yancey, was also commended by attorneys, Deputy District attorney and private companies for services provided as a Private Investigator. He was recognized for his handling of high profile prison gang members and prisoners, including Dan White, Sirhan Sirhan, and Charles Manson. Mr. Yancey is a current member of the Citizens Advisory Committee, for the California Prisons. Mr. Yancey, is a community leader with 30 years of investigative experience. He brings a wealth of experience to any prospective client. He is a member of the Monterey County Bar Association, Sheriffs Advisory committee and the Correctional Peace Officers Association

  • I am writing this letter on behalf of Gregory Yancey to attest to his sound character and proficient capabilities.
    l have known Mr. Yancey for over five years and I can truly exclaim that he is a driven man, fully capable of any profession or job that he deems to pursue. He is honest, prudent, proficient, reliable and truly sincere in his desires to do the best job that can be done. I can guarantee that if you are considering him for assistance or employment, Mr. Yancey will come through for you and make you proud. He is a man of his word and possesses the people skills to get the job done in the right way. His character is soundly void of selfishness, greed, power and deceit. In the world today, this is hard to find.

    Mike Kanalakis