• Records Retrieval, Court Searches and Subpoenas Services


    GY Investigations and Legal Services,  is fully versed in the rules of evidence and the laws of the State of California. All investigations are conducted in compliance with these rules and regulations and with the awareness that our work product may be used as evidence in a Court of Law. GY Investigations and Legal Services, offers a copy service, court searches and records retrieval services. 



  • I have known Greg Yancey both individually and professionally since 1992. Our office has utilized Greg’s services as a private investigator on numerous occasions. Greg has always provided excellent services. He has been very prompt and thorough in everything we have asked him to do and does not hesitate to go the extra yard to get something done. Greg has excellent communication skills and is extremely capable in eliciting information from clients. He has a very pleasant manner which puts clients at ease. I would highly recommend Greg for any type of position, especially one in which he interfaces with individuals.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss my recommendation, please do not hesitate to call me.