• Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Investigations

  • GY Investigations and Legal Services, has provided investigative services to municipalities, government offices, prisons, police departments, cities, county offices, hospitals, schools districts, and to the private sector for the past 25 years. GY Investigations and Legal Services is a third party, unbiased, professional investigative agency and is known in the industry for helping organizations achieve their stated objectives. GY Investigations and Legal Services, conducts our interviews in person with all relevant parties. Our comprehensive reports concisely outline the information obtained during the investigation, and reports are issued summarizing the facts.

  • In 2000, the City of Monterey had a chance to utilize the services of G. Y. Investigations and Legal Services during a four month long investigation.
    We have found that Mr. Gregory J. Yancey conducted the investigation with great professionalism, courtesy, and thoroughness. He demonstrated a high degree of procedural knowledge of personnel rules and regulations of local governments. During the course of the investigation, he conducted 27 interviews and held two group meetings. Mr. Yancey's professional approach was well accepted and understood by employees affected by this investigation.
    Although we hope not to go through a similar situation again, we would certainly select his company to conduct an investigation should the need arise. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

    Hans Uslar