• SIU Services, Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Subrogation & Product Liability Investigations

  • GY Investigations and Legal Services, [Est. 1992], is a full-service investigation agency, completing over 9000 administrative, civil, criminal, and court-mandated investigations. GY Investigations and Legal Services Inc., conveniently located two blocks from the County Monterey Government center in Salinas California, we offer online searches, driving records, live scans, copy services, transcription services, security consulting, surveillance, Workers’ Compensation, harassment/discrimination, liability, subrogation, product liability, criminal and background investigations. GY Investigations and Legal Services, has provided investigative services to municipalities,  government offices, prisons, police departments, cities, county offices, hospitals, schools districts, and to the private sector for the past 25 years. GY Investigations and Legal Services, was successful in 1994 for identifying the very first fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claim in Monterey County and thereafter successful with assisting with approximately seventy-three fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims throughout the State of California.

  • I am a deputy district attorney for the County of Monterey. As a deputy district attorney, I have become acquainted with Mr. Greg Yancey as a private investigator. Mr. Yancey's office, GY Investigations, specializes in the investigation of workers compensation fraud. Most of his clients are insurance carriers defending against fraudulent claims. Over the past several years, Mr. Yancey has submitted numerous workers' compensation cases on behalf of his clients to the Monterey County District Attomey's Office for prosecution. Mr. Yancey has been particularly sensitive to the confidential nature of criminal cases and his thorough investigation and professionalism has led to the successful prosecution of many cases. Mr. Yancey maintains a professional relationship with the Attomey's office, and has provided both inculpatory as well as exculpatory information to the prosecution

    Kenneth M. Doo