• Testimonials

  • I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation to any prospective employer for Gregory J. Yancey. As the Assistant General Manager for Finance and Administration for the Monterey-Salinas Transit, I have known Mr. Yancey for approximately two years and I feel that he would be an asset to any private company or public agency.

    Mr. Yancey was engaged by MST to play a key role with coordinating the formation of the
    Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority. He demonstrated substantial initiative and a
    strong dedication to his responsibilities as the administrator for the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority. He insured that the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority Regulations were followed and that prospective taxi drivers and taxi dispatching companies complied with the permit application process.

    I commend Mr. Yancey for his strong organization skills, the ability to respond in a timely manner, and the ability to work with staff and the public alike. I have enjoyed working with him on this project and wish him success in his future endeavors.

    Hunter Harvath, AICP
    Assistant General Manager Finance & Administration

  • IN 2000, the City of Monterey had a chance to utilize the services of G.Y. Investigations
    and Legal Services during a four month long investigation.

    We have found that Mr. Gregory J. Yancey conducted the investigation with great professionalism, courtesy, and thoroughness. He demonstrated a high degree of procedural knowledge of personnel rules and regulations of local governments. During the course of the investigation, he conducted 27 interviews and held two group meetings. Mr. Yancey's professional approach was well accepted and understood by employees affected by his investigation.

    Although we hope not to go through a similar situation again, we would certainly select his company to conduct an investigation should the need arise. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

    Hans Uslar
    CIty of Monterey Department of Public Works

  • I am writing this letter on behalf of Gregory Yancey to attest to his sound character and proficient capabilities.

    I have known Greg for over 15 years and I can truly exclaim that he is a driven man, fully capable of any profession or job that he deans to pursue. He is honest, prudent, proficient, reliable and truly sincere in his desires to do the best job that can be done. I can guarantee that if you are considering him for assistance or employment, that Greg will come through

    for you and make you proud. He is a man of his word and possesses the people skills to get the job done in the right way. His character is soundly void of selfishness, greed, power and deceit. In the world today, this is hard to find.

    If you would like to discuss Greg further, I ca be reached at (831)656-2290.

    Pamela J. Bass
    Military Housing Director
    Naval Postgraduate School

  • Mr. Yancey has provided his Worker's Compensation Investigation services for us in the past
    and we've found that he conducts his investigation with a high degree of professionalism, courtesy, and thoroughness. He demonstrates a high degree of procedural knowledge of personnel rules and local government regulations. His reports and correspondence are promptly delivered, while retaining the high quality he has always shown in his reporting.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Yancey and GY Investigations for any services that you might require.

    Terry James
    Human Resources Director
    The Salinas California El Sol