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  • GY Investigations and Legal Services, has a complete online service using the most up-to-date electronic investigative techniques. GY Investigations and Legal Services, recommends onsite examination of all records identified through our online services. Background investigations include: financial, DMV, property, criminal, civil records, employment references, education verification (School grades, degree and any professional qualifications obtained), character reference check, identity and address verification.

  • Greg Yancey has been working with Hartnell College for approximately two years investigating Workers’ Compensation claims and several other cases involving employee misconduct.

    Mr. Yancey is persistent and dedicated to his task. Because of the evidence he produced the institution has successfully dismissed two employees who were abusing workers' compensation benefits. The District Attorney has filed criminal charges against one of the two former employees.

    He has gathered important evidence regarding an employee accused of misappropriation of funds that will be key to a successful dismissal and recovery of the funds. He is currently involved in an investigation of an employee accused of sexual misconduct against a student. The results of his investigation will dictate the course of action taken by the administration.

    I have been a Director of Human Resources at two community colleges since 1991, and I can affirm that GYI is the most responsive investigative service I have dealt with. Reports are well written and timely. I highly recommend GYl to any prospective client.

    Sallie A. Savage